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Bali Staff Solutions

The Gold Standard of Recruitment Agency at the Heart of Indonesia

Your company. Our Expertise. Truly Unlimited Potential.

We are a young, dynamic and innovative recruitment agency in the heart of Bali with a mission to empower the lives of countless Indonesian citizens and unlock their full potential. Our management team is built on German and Indonesian roots with extensive experience in International Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Public Relations, enabling us to be a truly global player in redefining the next generation of modern recruitment. We guarantee western standards through our HR, and People Management services, in addition to seamless collaboration between Indonesian professionals and English-speaking clients.  

We pride ourselves for being so much more than just a recruitment agency. From carefully tailored HR services to employee training, to our thoughtfully tailored Employer of Record Services, we are here to support you at every step of the way. With a proud history of demonstrated excellence, there is simply nothing like Bali Staff Solutions, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out our fantastic client testimonials who have consistently recommended us for our outstanding services and proven excellence.

Our goal involves so much more than just bringing companies and employees together. We dedicate ourselves to going that extra mile, continuously striving to optimise corporate development, all with corporate social responsibility in mind. Welcome to an all-new age of ethical recruitment. 

Training employee

People-centred recruitment unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Exceeding your expectations

Recruitment Services 

In an ever-changing and highly competitive business arena, having a workforce built on dynamism, creativity, and a proven track record represents the centre to your success. We understand the significance of this, and the role your employees will play in shaping your company’s prospects. To this end, we will support you throughout the entire hiring process. With our expertise, you can be assured that your company’s future is in safe hands.

HRM services

We love HRM, it’s always been within our DNA since our inception. Our commitment to providing innovative and forward-thinking Human Resource Management and consultancy services will see you leap ahead of the competition and retain the very best talented professionals. We cooperate with a diverse range of partners across Indonesia within a wide range of fields, each pushing the boundaries in growth, creativity and innovation. We guarantee your success through phenomenal results that will revolutionise your business. Nothing comes close.

International Recruitment Services 

We work with a wide array of international partners and are always looking to broaden our client network. Work with us today and take advantage of our superb international recruitment expertise. We care a great deal about making a positive, life-long difference to local communities, and we are always looking for ways to unlock the talent potential of Indonesian citizens. Your company, our formula. Limitless success. Guaranteed.

Employer of Record Services – Introducing Indonesia’s best outsourcing specialists

With our EoR services, you will be given the opportunity to expand your international footprint, and build a diverse, forward-thinking talent pool that will future proof your long-term corporate success, ensuring that you always remain one step ahead of the competition. We endeavour to support you along every step of the way with our unique outsourcing services, saving you the hassle of setting up your own company internationally. Work with us today and grow your business to an entirely new level, whilst taking advantage of a fantastic array of talented professionals and skills, all with long-term success and sustainability in mind.  

Innovative training development. Your keys to a successful future.

Your success starts with great training development designed to unlock the talent potential of your workforce. That starts with a great, innovative corporate philosophy, one which revolutionises what is possible, challenges the very meaning of what it means to be creative and raises the bar for what true productivity should be. Our talented team brings a wealth of experience in this area so that we can take your business to an entirely new level. You can be confident that your long-term future is in safe hands with us. We have a fantastic range of tailor-made training sessions just waiting for you to discover. Your success is redefined.

Our mission

A Bold New Vision for The Future of Modern Recruitment

We care a great deal about your long-term corporate ambitions. That’s why we believe that your success should be limitless. We want to extend your success even further, and this starts with a fantastic team of qualified professionals that you can always count on to deliver. To this end, we actively search for the most qualified employees that perfectly match your budget and vacancy requirements. We quickly match applicants to jobs tailored to their professional background, unique skill sets and career aspirations. This approach is truly profound in fully unlocking the potential of our job seekers because we passionately believe that no one person should ever be limited in their talent and potential.

Our vision for the future is to become one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bali and South-East Asia. To make this a reality, we are:

  • Supporting local people to realise their full potential and optimise their professional growth.
  • Catalysing local and international business expansion by leveraging the diverse talent available throughout Indonesia.
  • Providing innovative, future proofed HRM consultancy services that directly address the needs of specialists and executives, assuring optimal career development.
  • Vigorously championing ethical, corporate social responsibility at the very heart of local communities across Indonesia.

Our services

We are a dynamic and innovative personnel services provider, constantly looking for ways to revolutionise what truly successful and ethical HRM services should be. Our fantastic client and candidate base is expanding daily, and we now work with a diverse range of regional and international partners across an extensive range of fields, offering both short and long-term employee solutions.

A diverse, innovative and dynamic talent pool represents the lifeblood of your success. We understand how challenging it is to find just the right professionals for your business needs. To overcome this, you need to understand your market, build a truly global network and establish a revolutionary recruitment strategy from the ground-up. Modern recruiting is embedded deep within our philosophy. Since our foundation, we have invested extensively in a cutting-edge approach to modern recruitment that is built on digitalisation, social media and innovative data management. This unique approach allows us to directly address your needs, ensuring that your company is well positioned for a successful future with a unique workforce that you can be truly proud of. We help your business grow to discover a whole new dimension of what your success can be.

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Beauty & Spa Therapist

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

Our Core Values

We remain committed to your business and your individual needs. Our unique value proposition encompasses specially crafted employee and HR solutions tailored to your exact needs, all with a relentless focus on quality, cultural sensitivity and a commitment to ethical people management. Our highly qualified experts are always driven to precisely match individual candidates’ strengths, skills and professional backgrounds to the most suitable job vacancies, ensuring that everyone can fulfil their true potential and career aspirations.

Quality oriented

We want to get to know each of our customers in order to adapt the search to their individual wishes. We provide a unified CV to make it easier to compare possible applicants.

Respect the Balinese culture

Due to the fact that the management consists of Indonesian and European personnel, we want to create a link between Balinese and Western culture. This affects a better understanding between expectations and fulfilment.

Committed to ethical values

Personal interaction with both the customer and the employee to create a social environment with a deep understanding for both parties.

We’re always looking to hearing from you

Here at Bali Staff Solutions, we want to help you optimise your corporate success, and we love hearing from new clients. From hiring to consultancy, to HR strategic planning, to bespoke training, we are confident that there is something out there for you. Just send us an inquiry, and our experts will create a bespoke plan that will see your business grow and prosper.