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Bali Staff Solutions

Our Story

The imperative to make a life-long difference at the heart of Bali

From the very beginning, we have passionately believed in the importance of empowering local people to realise their full potential and develop their individual talent in the global world of work. We quickly realised that many of our competitors were overlooking the importance of local Corporate Social Responsibility, and we were determined to reverse that trend. Our ethical, employee-focused philosophy, built on universal equality and fairness is quintessential to everything we do, one where we actively look to champion ethical people management at the heart of Indonesia. As a company with a foreign national background, we understand the problems many of us face when doing business internationally in a completely different culture. What Indonesia desperately needed was an all-new company that could revolutionise the recruitment space, challenge the status quo and assists local and international companies with their hiring needs, all with a deep focus on empowering humanity and transforming the lives of countless Indonesian nationals. This is what ultimately led us to create Bali Staff Solutions.

Our vision is to become one of the leading recruitment specialists in Indonesia with an ethical focus, raising the bar for what best-practice Human Resource Management should be with a strong ethical focus. This drives us day in and day out in our love of helping people come together in Indonesia from across different backgrounds and bridging cultural gaps. You can be assured that your business becomes truly global and well placed for a bright future, allowing your possibilities for success to become truly limitless. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will tell you just how we can help.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will tell you just how we can help.

“Hiring is very similar to traveling. We must have a destination, a plan, and a course to follow in finding and selecting quality candidates.”

Randy Wilkerson
Director & Founder Sünje Braun

Sünje Braun

President Director and Founder of Bali Staff Solutions
Meet Sunje, our President Director and Founder of Bali Staff Solutions. She has been a crucial driving force in our foundation, and brings a wealth of experience in Business Management, Hospitality Management and Human Resource Management. A bold and innovative thinker at heart, Sunje relishes confronting new challenges. She has been a central figure in allowing us to revolutionise what truly global and ethical recruitment specialists should be. Thanks to her visionary ambition, she has been integral in transforming the lives of countless Indonesian citizens, connecting companies from around the world with the very best talent Indonesia has to offer. She has always believed that no one person should ever be restricted in their potential for professional growth, a vision that has been central in our corporate DNA since our inception. Her passion and love for championing Corporate Social Responsibility at the very heart of Indonesia have been profound in bringing the very best out of people throughout Indonesia, ensuring that they are well prepared for the challenges they may face in the future. Her commitment to excellence has seen us pioneer the standard of what truly premium, ethical HR services can be, exceedingly even the highest of expectations. No matter what your ambitions, you can be assured that Sünje will always go that extra mile to revolutionise the way your business operates, allowing you to leap even further ahead.

Kiki Refmawati

Director of Operations
Kiki is our director of operations, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that our day-to-day operations run smoothly and seamlessly. She joined us in 2021 and has gone on to play a key role in delivering high quality HR supervision and management. Under Kiki’s leadership, the company has gone from strength-to-strength in providing exceptional HR consultancy services which form the centre to our fantastic corporate relations. Her passion, perseverance and enthusiasm for great customer service continually drive her in going the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive exactly what they expect from us. She currently leads our HR, Accounting and Marketing faculties, and brings a wealth of experience in Hospitality, Human Resource Management and Public Relations to the team. She is passionate about confronting new challenges every day, and strives to bring the very best out of her colleagues, challenging the boundaries of their success and professional development, whilst bringing a forward-thinking and creative dynamic to the company. She loves being able to help local people realise their professional ambitions, and passionately believes that education and learning represent the centre to unlocking any successful career through life-long professional development.
Director of Operations Kiki Refmawati