About Us

We are the best recruiting agency with heart located in Bali

Our Story

Everything started from the need to help local people

The idea of the company originated from the need to help local people find jobs that best suited their skill set. As a foreign national, I understand the problems one can face when living in a new country with a completely different culture. Being able to hire staff, whether it be for business or personal reasons from a company that is reputable and does all the necessary background work would take the stress out of setting up a business or household. That was our thought, which ultimately led us to take our passion for HR and management with a special focus on humanity and turn it into Bali Staff Solutions.

We often see the dire needs of companies in Bali desperate to find suitable and reliable employees. However, several companies often lack the right network or experience language/ cultural barriers that prevents them from succeeding.

It is our goal to connect these businesses and personal needs with the best talent we know on the Island.

We love connecting the right teams, solving problems and helping people coming together from different backgrounds.

“Hiring is very similar to traveling. We must have a destination, a plan, and a course to follow in finding and selecting quality candidates.”

Randy Wilkerson
Director & Founder

Sünje Braun

  • Bachelor of Arts Business Administration & Hospitality Management (HWTK Berlin)
  • 3 years in Human Resources Management, corporate & leisure sales management, office management for NH HOTELS (Berlin headquarter)
  • 1.5 years General Manager of Socialista Lifestyle Hostel
  • 2 years retail manager in Germany
  • Advanced Bilingual fluency (German-English)
  • Indonesian Language skills
Commissioner & Lead Recruiter

Ni Luh Radnyani

  • Bachelor of Arts English Literature (Udayana University Bali)
  • Reservations – and customer service support
  • Business Development Executive
  • Advanced Bilingual fluency (Indonesian-English)