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HR Services That You Can Trust 

A New Era in HR Excellence in Indonesia  

Bali Staff Solutions provides customised Human Resource Management Services to companies throughout Indonesia across varied industries that want their people to grow and achieve success for themselves and their company. With this service we assume full responsibility for your HR needs on your behalf, and with full compliance to your exact specifications, such as employee payroll and administrative procedures. This unique approach is truly profound in setting a new standard of what you can expect, allowing us to guarantee effective and efficient results that will transform the way you do business, both internally and externally. Ever since our inception, we’ve believed strongly that the scope of your success should be boundless. Our revolutionary, expert-informed HR services are a true testament to this belief, designed to help you push the boundaries of professional development, innovation and creativity for every employee. 

Specialise in All Aspects of HR Services

  • Comprehensive Administrative consultation, covering employee payroll and benefits, HR database analytics and management, contract formation and agreement, employee attendance records, leave entitlements and BPJS.

  • Employee relations management and consultation.
  • Periodic employee benefit reviews and performance appraisals to ensure that your expectations are always met.
  • The latest updates concerning Indonesian employment regulations.
  • Comprehensive guidance concerning Indonesian Labour Law Compliance, in addition to consultancy in resolving cases of industrial dispute
  • Holistic and global approaches to cross-cultural interaction, performance management and employee learning
  • A fully digitalised approach to employee recruitment and selection across an ever-growing field of industries according to your specific needs.
  • Labour and Workplace grievance management and resolution
  • Thoughtfully designed training initiatives with your strategic business needs at the centre
  • Employee wellbeing, health and safety management.
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Human Resources Management Services

What Makes Us Different?

Tailored and custom designed HR consultancy and solutions to your employee-related requirements and specifications by our highly qualified experts

Guidance and support at every step of the way
Consistent operational excellence through high standards and impressive results
An improved employee experience through positive inter-colleague engagement and interaction, catalysing your productivity
Optimal transparency throughout the process, allowing you to forge a positive working relationship with your employees
A commitment to championing Corporate Social Responsibility at the very heart of Indonesia, allowing you to make a life-long difference in the lives of local people and fully unlock their talents and potential
Full compliance with local Indonesian employment law for peace of mind

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