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Innovative Recruitment Solutions at The Heart of Indonesia 

At Bali Staff Solutions, our team of highly qualified experts comes from a diverse range of fields, including Marketing, International Human Resource Management, and Public Relations. We are able to harness a wealth of expertise in these areas so that you can be assured of the very best recruitment services and a talented team that will transform the way your business grows and competes. Whatever your recruitment strategy, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. The recruitment process is flexible as well personalised for each customer to satisfy their demands.
Your company, your choice, our performance!

Your Success, Reimagined with our Expertise

Our team can function as an extension of your human resources department, including seasonal capability, continuous support, or locations of specialty. We can additionally take the entire recruiting process from application performance management to background checks to administrative support. You choose precisely the recruitment management services you require, whether that means the capability to work with a brand-new prospect to fill up a high-skill position or a complete redesign of your employment process. Read on to discover more about our extensive range of recruitment services.

IT Services

Your next tech-genius is only a few clicks away and we’re more than happy to do the hard work and find the person who best matches your business. From computer support specialists and analysts to network engineers, software testers, data scientists and hardware engineers, Bali Staff Solutions has plenty of experience in sourcing the best person for the role.


Waiters, Front of House staff, housekeepers and chefs: we’re slowly working our way around the island and adding an ever-growing network of talented employees to our online database. From beach clubs to luxury resorts and everything in between, we can source any number of individuals to benefit your business.

Creative and Marketing

Looking for someone to tackle the front-end of your business with social media, graphic design, SEO, public relations or web marketing? We already have a large number of managers, writers and designers on our database. Or, if you’re looking for high level support in the form of specialists or directors, we can take the stress out of recruitment for you there, too.

Health and Beauty

Bali has no shortage of massage therapists and we’d love to help you source the perfect one for your open role. We can also take things one step further and hire your next salon or spa manager, hairdresser, aesthetician, makeup artist or nail professional.


Finding a good accountant can be a difficult task, which is why we pride ourselves on sourcing one for you. Or, if you’re looking to grow your business at a deeper financial level with financial advisors, analysts, bankers and investment managers, we can assist with this.


Indonesia’s spectacular flora and fauna needs a reliable team to look after it, and Bali Staff Solutions know just the person for each role. Biologists, environmental engineers and marine scientists make up just a small handful of the roles we can help you to fill.
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Our Process

No. 1

Receiving your inquiry

the more detailed, the better

No. 2

Exploratory call

We want to get to know you and your expectations so we schedule a call with you to understand your individual needs

No. 3


We send you a customized proposal

No. 4


After agreeing to your customized proposal, we will sign a contract between BSS and yourself and start to look for the perfect match

No. 5

The search is on

We pick a choice of suitable employees from our database and interview them for you

No. 6


We introduce you to your potential new crew member. If both sides agree…

No. 7

Signing contracts

Congrats! You have now found a new addition to your team. Contracts with your new team member will be signed.

No. 8


We want everyone to be happy. After one month we will check if you and your employee are happy with each other.

Contact us

If you want to hire several employees or want to combine different offers from us, we offer customized packages that suits your bespoke needs. 

Why don’t you just send us an inquiry and together we will create a plan that fits your ideas?