Bali Staff Solutions training

Best staff training for your business

If you’re not currently in a position or looking to hire additional staff, a great midpoint that can make a huge difference in your business is the addition of some training sessions. Here at Bali Staff Solutions, we offer a range of training sessions covering everything from increasing your sales, communication skills and intercultural understanding.

Hospitality sales training sessions

Our most popular training session is our one-day hospitality sales session. Here, in our one-day intensive, we’ll cover everything from cross-cultural introductions, to sales techniques and steps, upselling, cross-selling and more. Our training sessions can be hosted onsite at your business. These sessions can help you to increase your business revenue by a significant amount and will give your staff proven techniques that will directly correspond to sales.

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Questions? We have the answer!

Where do we find our staff?
We personally know a lot of people, get recommendations on a frequent basis & using various social media channels to acquire staff
How is the payment procedure done?
You pay for our service once you agree with the candidate we propose to you. The payment can be done via bank transfer or cash.
Is there any guarantee for me as a customer?
Bali Staff Solutions is guaranteeing to provide an excellent service regarding the quality of work. Nevertheless if you find yourself unsatisfied with the work performance, we give you the possibility to exchange the employee one time within 1 month after signing the contracts.
How much does it cost to use our service?
The amount you’re paying is depending on the employees position you’re seeking as well as the amount of employees or services you’re making use of.