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Bali Staff Solutions Training Services

Pioneering Training Services Excellence of Productivity in Your Workforce

At Bali Staff Solutions, we understand that to be truly successful requires so much more than just a highly qualified team. You need great approaches to employee training that will transform the way your team thinks and functions. Creative and innovative training in Indonesia is one of many things we do best, thanks to our employee-centred philosophy. We understand the significance that employee motivation and engagement play in unlocking your productive potential, maintaining positive work morale, and reducing turnover, allowing you to achieve phenomenal results. We offer a fantastic array of training programmes that have been carefully crafted by our experts, ranging from team building, cross-cultural orientation, leadership and management to professional and self-development. No matter what your needs, our specialised expertise will see your business propelled to new levels unlike anything seen before.

Quintessential to any successful training scheme is a great vision: To revolutionise your productivity and create the very best workforce for your company. That starts with our dedication to carefully tailoring our services to fit your exact specifications, intended to create long-lasting success. To achieve this, our team focuses on real- world application through simulated workplace contexts, intended to optimise individual learning and professional development. The result? A dynamic, forward-thinking team that is better prepared and more knowledgeable, able to accomplish workplace challenges and achieve your targets. 

Some of our services excellence training we offer:

  • Upselling Techniques
  • Leadership Governance and Ethics
  • Crisis Management in the workplace
  • Customer Service Management 
  • Hospitality Management 
  • Effective Communication and Team working skills 
  • Cross-cultural Management, Cultural integration and adjustment 
  • Self-development and critical thinking
  • Developing negotiating skills
  • Employee coaching 
  • Cross-functional strategic decision-making.
  • Developing holistic and globally oriented employee and managerial mind-sets  
  • Organisational-wide unity through equality, diversity inclusion and fairness
  •  Harmonising inter-colleague engagement and dialogue
  •  Workplace Counselling and Employee Voice
  • Conflict mitigation and resolution
  • Organisational and time management skills
  • Optimising workforce motivation and engagement

Sales and Management Training to Help Your Business Reach the Next Level

Are you looking to remain competitive, ambitious and ahead of the curve? Our unique sales and management training services excellence will ensure that you remain light years ahead of the competition through a comprehensive coverage of effective selling strategies, buyer behaviour and analysis, competitor analysis, sales forecasting, innovative entrepreneurship and so much more. The benefits are fantastic too. Not only will you experience substantial, long-term increases in revenue, but your team will have all the skills they need to meet your ambitious sales targets for years to come. Some of our sales and management training include:
  • Time Management and Delegation
  • Business-Consumer Communication
  • Value-based Selling
  • Highlighting and endorsing unique, value-added product and service features
  • Consumer Surveying and Buyer Purchasing Behaviour
  • Formal Deal and Agreement Formation
  • Sales Mission and Vision Strategy Design, Implementation and Management

We trained for success. Contact us today to find out more.

Training process

Questions? We have the answer!

Where do we find our staff?
We personally know a lot of people, get recommendations on a frequent basis & using various social media channels to acquire staff
How is the payment procedure done?
You pay for our service once you agree with the candidate we propose to you. The payment can be done via bank transfer or cash.
Is there any guarantee for me as a customer?
Bali Staff Solutions is guaranteeing to provide an excellent service regarding the quality of work. Nevertheless if you find yourself unsatisfied with the work performance, we give you the possibility to exchange the employee one time within 1 month after signing the contracts.
How much does it cost to use our service?
The amount you’re paying is depending on the employees position you’re seeking as well as the amount of employees or services you’re making use of.