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Volunteering & internships in Bali

Volunteering & charity projects in Bali

Do voluntary work in Bali and discover one of the most fascinating Islands on earth. The unique mix between sacred Hindu-Dharma and sophisticated local customs has made Bali as special as it is today and attracts more and more tourists every year. Despite Bali is welcoming millions of visitors per year, many of its inhabitants are still living in extreme poverty. Support the locals by helping at an human right project or join an animal welfare association. Experience Bali’s culture from an authentic point of view and do something good.

Help in a local orphanage

Street Kids project

The amazing Bali Street Kids Project is a non-profit organization founded by an impressing woman named Putu and her husband Michael. She and her team are giving disadvantaged children loving care, education, and skills they need to grow. The ‘family’ is made up of two orphanages/homes. Despite the fact that some of the children who live in this facility still have parents, living in this institution is their only chance to get an adequate education. Most of the children’s parents are living in remote villages—and “remote” in Bali means an hour or two away from the glittering 5-star hotels—the residents are very poor and most villages lack education, access to clean water and even electricity. Many children must walk for kilometres to go to school or are not able to go at all. This project is providing help for children at these two institutions. The first one is located in Seminyak and is accommodating the older kids (between 12-18). The second home is an hour drive away located in Tabanan and provides everything that is necessary for a living for their younger children (0-12 years). Putu also built a school for street kids in a slum of Kuta.

Your support means so much to them.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”
Oscar Wilde

Qualification & skills

The only qualification for participating in this orphanage project is a strong love and passion for working with children and providing them with care and hope. Do you enjoy being around children and possess a deep passion for providing them with what they need? Then you are exactly what we are looking for.

You should also be a kind and a flexible person, with a great degree of empathy, especially for children, as well as enjoy engaging with new and exciting challenges on a daily basis.

Program includes

  • 24 hrs assistance and support from BSS Staff
  • Comprehensive pre- departure information
  • Airport Pickup
  • 1 x per week tours to experience the authentic Bali
  • Food
  • Accommodation in volunteer house
  • Local coordinators support
  • Certificate of completion

Tasks for our volunteers

  • Teaching English
  • Supporting with school tasks
  • Cooking food
  • Organizing activities for children
  • Bring food and clothing to remote areas
  • Assist children with surgical care needs
  • Finding ways to increase donations
  • Supporting with social media appearance


BSS ensures the safety of all our volunteers. Your accommodation is in the same property as our children and staff and is based primarily on the safety. We support you every step of the way, from the moment you will book with us until you finish your volunteer work. Our coordinator will be available to you at any time, night or day, to help you with anything you need or answer any questions you have.

Free Time

You will have plenty of time to travel, explore and discover while you volunteer in Bali. In the afternoons and evenings you have time to discover the beautiful beaches for a surf, go for a yoga session or explore Bali’s vibrant nightlife. Additionally, you’ll have the entire weekend to go on longer trips, and since Bali is a small Island, this allows you to travel all around and see everything you want to see. Once per week we are going on a trip together, you are able to choose between selected trips. Much fun is guaranteed 😉

Duration & Prices

Volunteering & charity projects in Bali

1 Week

6.1 MIO

2 Weeks

8.9 MIO

3 Weeks

11.7 MIO

4 Weeks

14.5 MIO

5 Weeks

17.3 MIO

6 Weeks

20.1 MIO

7 Weeks

22.9 MIO

8 Weeks

25.7 MIO


Get in touch

If you are interested in an volunteering or internships in Bali just contact us.