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Growing Your Career in Bali with Bali Staff Solutions

03 October 2022
Bali Staff Solutions

Bali is the premier holiday destination of Indonesia. Countless individuals who visited Bali swiftly turned from a tourist to its resident, turning the island into their new home. Do you want to become one of them? Have you pondered about moving in and beginning your new life in Bali? Now is the ideal opportunity for you to begin a fresh start and answer your calling.

What variety of careers are obtainable in Bali?

Before starting your new beginning in Bali, you should learn the available fields first. Bali is renowned for its tourism; the most popular professions in Bali are in the tourism and hospitality industry. You’ll be able to start your new calling in one of the many renowned hotels in Bali, or you can work in a restaurant if you’re more passionate about the culinary arts. Barring tourism, you could also grow your profession in one of the various other sectors, such as Bali’s training and education industry. You’ll be able to share your knack with the next generation of Balinese youth as either a teacher or instructor. However, the job market in Bali is remarkably competitive, to say the least, and most offers are usually merely for the locals rather than for expats.

If none of the careers above interest you, then the various other thriving industries in Bali might interest you. A few examples of those are the construction, IT and entertainment sectors. You could start your new calling as a musician or performer in the many popular bars or cafes and participate in Bali’s festivals or annual events.

If you have ever dreamt of starting your new calling in Bali, you would find your best prospects with the many international companies with diverse working cultures. Even though a considerable number of jobs in Bali are only for locals, there are more than a few companies happy to hire expats, which we’ll be sure to update you on in one of our next blog posts.

How can you find a job in Bali?

Getting a job once you’re in Bali is usually quite a bit more complicated than if you already had one before you moved here. Therefore we highly recommend you commence your job hunt long before your intended moving date. Here are some tips for you on how you can find a job in Bali:

1. Job Portals

Job portals are the easiest and most straightforward way to find a job in Bali that matches your interest. Via the job portal, you can also set up alerts and email notifications whenever a new job is available that matches your interest and passion. You can do this activity anytime, just as easily as you would while surfing the internet.

2. Social Media

Using social media is also a rather popular method of searching for a job in Bali. Nowadays, many companies in Bali are posting their job advertisements on social media such as Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook. You can commence your job hunt by following accounts or joining groups that often post job vacancies. Searching through hashtags is also a viable way to find vacancies related to the types of jobs you desire.

3. Networking

Start networking in Bali by joining forums or attending social events like our Female Entrepreneur Meetup that match your interest. Networking can be surprisingly helpful in making your job hunt in Bali easier. Networking might help you find or get an offer from friends or referrals. Another way for you to build your network is by fully maximizing the use of online resources like LinkedIn and Facebook.

4. Recruitment Agencies

Various companies in Bali use the many recruitment agencies in Bali for their talent hunt demands. You can check for instance our social media to search for available job vacancies. A recruitment agency could help you meet your dream job by connecting you with the right prospective employers.

Why should you use a recruitment agency to find a job?

1. Saving your time

Looking for a job in Bali can be extremely time-consuming and tiring. Browsing through LinkedIn and various job portals, editing your CV and writing cover letters will take a lot of your time and energy; why not have agencies like us handle those headaches to lighten the burden?

A recruitment agency will help you find an employer and jobs that match your profile. A recruitment agency already has the network and extensive job market knowledge to find the potential matching roles that suit you.

2. It’s completely free

Most recruitment agencies like us do not charge applicants for using their services or applying for a position with them. Because of your contribution, the recruitment agencies can satisfactorily serve their clients by presenting you as a suitable prospect to their clients.

3. Support and Guidance

A recruiter in a recruitment agency could help you considerably as they would possess the necessary market knowledge, experience and skills to accurately assess if there’s a match between you and a job. A recruitment agency could set you up for the best chance of success in finding a job that is a perfect match. A recruiter will also endorse you to your potential employer.

4. Access to multiple employment openings at once

While you could only focus on a single position, company or interview at a time, a recruitment agency has many open vacancies to fill. A recruitment agency can evaluate your application for multiple open positions at once, utilizing their expertise to match your profile to the ideal job and company.

What variety of careers are obtainable in Bali?

How can you work with a recruitment agency? By building a good relationship with a recruiter, they can and will want to help you succeed. Ensure your recruiter knows precisely what you’re looking for by being wholly genuine and sincere with them. If you don’t do this, you could end up miserable in your new employment and not meet your new employer’s expectations.

Your success in the hiring process can entirely depend on you finding the right recruiting agency for you. Whether it be looking for the correct position or your next step on the career ladder, agencies can offer valuable resources to help you reach your immediate and long-term goals.

If you’re now looking for employment and want to grow your career in Bali, we, Bali Staff Solutions, could be the perfect recruitment agency for you. As a recruitment agency, we aim to support and realize the local talents to realize their full potential and find their dream jobs. We are the leading recruitment agency in Bali, with clients and connections in various industries. We’ve partnered with employers in numerous sectors such as hospitality, construction, IT, fashion and much more to help our applicants find their ideal candidates.

Bali Staff Solutions is one of the most well-connected recruitment agencies. Moreover, our extensive network and expertise have established a long track record of successfully bringing together employers and candidates.

Once we receive your CV, we will contact you with the offer of a position that matches your profile. If you don’t hear from us after a week, feel free to contact us to check on your application or see if any relevant roles have come up.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and wish you good luck with your career development in Bali! Feel free to submit your CV and contact us if you want further advice or to explore our available vacancies.